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date: 16.08.2017

LIVE Music "Bossa Lounge Duo/Trio"


Chill out and relaxe in a gently Bossa breeze - for special events: Hotels, Marriages, Garden Parties, Gala Dinner...

Programm:Jazz Standards, Bossa Novas and PopBallades

keyboard/piano, voice, guitar and percussion


date: 02.03.2017

POP/Jazz Singing und Moderation/Voicetraining 




1070 Wien

1180 Wien

1190 Wien




0676 43 309 86

Fr Liesz

date: 04.09.2016

MUSIK bewegt DÖBLING - im Festsaal, Amtshaus Döbling


Chi Gong & Music


children course:

music and rhythmical education for children at the age of 3 years!

Piano,violine, playing percussion instruments and Bongos, a lot of movement and singing, eartraining and learn how to write down musical notes, playing musical games and many more..


Solo lessons:

Instrumental lessons: piano/keyboard, violine, saxophon, Popsinging

Speech & Moderation for actors/actress and radio

each lesson: 50 minutes

booking: a pack of 10th

registartion now!

0676 43 309 86

0699 1506 77 66

last date of registration:31.10.2016

date: 11.03.2016


Sigrid Mariel Liesz & BAND - new website!

date: 11.03.2016

Sigrid Mariel Liesz & BAND - website ist da!

date: 14.08.2015

CD "be real" Song  FM4radio "Soundpark"

Monday night from 1:00h am - 6:00h am

date: 09.08.2015

Tomorrow Sunday 09.08.2015

CD Song "be real" on air FM4 Radio in "sunny side up"

happy listening!

date: 08.06.2015

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