MUSIK BEWEGT - Sigrid Mariel Liesz

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"Movement is living and music is connecting"

I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Lower Austria, in a town called Waidhofen, in the Ybbs river valley.

Early in life, I discovered my love for music. Every day I explored sounds around me and played all kinds of instruments. Music created a kind of magic for me.

At age 6, I started to learn piano. Later, I studied voice and dance. At the Academy of Music, I took lessons in Jazz piano, theory, rhythm, and solfege to complete my course of study.

I am a passionate singer and songwriter, and I love live performance.
I have appeared with Steam, Musix, Give & Take, Second Stage, Behind Blue Eyes, and others.

I love to work with people and have experience teaching children, teens and adults. I am teaching voice for broadcasting and singing, piano, and rhythmic training. I like to teach but I do like to learn new qualifications in music and dance either from international Musicians, Idols and/or international Dancers.

2008 I finished my course of rhythmic-pedagogical education by professors of the well-known Musikshochschule Vienna by Mag.Irmgard Bankl, Mag. Monika Mayr, and music-teacher Mrs Erika Mzyk.
I have always been a passonate dancer and so I decided 2010 to get training in Salsa Cubana by proffessional Dancer Blaga (Bulgaria) and Salsa Cali (Columbia) and Bachata (Dominik.Republic) by international Dancer Alberto Marine Nunez (Domink.Republic).
Besides you will hear some elements of latin music and spanish lyrics in some of my songs on my debut CD.

I am mother of a nearly grown-up daughter and therefore I know that children need space and possibility to live themselves and to be creative and I like to offer this "space" with Music Moves.

Sigrid Mariel Liesz