MUSIK BEWEGT - Sigrid Mariel Liesz

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date: 18.11.2015

PINK CHRISTMAS VIENNA - Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Band

5.12.2015, Bühne am Naschmarkt

beginning: 6 pm

"chill-out and relax with Bossa Pop"

date: 30.09.2015

17.10.2015 - privat event - "Alte Schule" Greifenstein

Live music: chill-out and relax with Sigrid

Bossa Nova, Pop Ballade, Jazz Standards  und Eigenkompositionen


Gastsängerin: Andrea

date: 25.09.2015

10.10.2015 Dinner with Coctail & chill-out Music with Sigrid Mariel Liesz


An unforgetable evening with chill-out songs full of melody and groovy beats!

Keyboard and Voice: Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Dinner,Coctail,Dessert & Wine of the house

Prize: € 39,50,-

Please make reservations:


date: 09.08.2015

Live Concerts soon!

date: 30.06.2015



Summerdance programm - much happyiness and joy and good vibes throughout the summer...

discover your kingdom inside and bath in the sea of your emotions....

based on Dance Improvisation, Rhythmic Elements, Voice Improvisation and use materials as towels,balls....

90minutes programm

location:MQ, Dschungel, Studio 1

dates: soon!


date: 30.06.2015

for Marriage, Birthdayparty, Opening Event and many more...

we got the right MUSIC for you!
chill-out and relax with Bossa Novas, Pop Ballades and funky beat Songs...
Sigrid Mariel & Band
also as Duett/Trio, piano/keyboard,voice and guitar in addition if wanted: bass, drums, percussion and saxophon possible.

date: 14.05.2015








date: 26.02.2015

"Sing Your Song" - Voice Coaching with Sigrid


at the Dance & Fun Studio Vienna



for children and teens!

Währingerstrasse 125 (Aumannplatz)

1180 Wien

contact: 01 -4084635

Elisabeth Padalewski

date: 23.02.2015

DEMO Lesson!!!          26.04.2015


10h - 11h "der Musikgarten" for children at the age of 2 with one part of the parent!

11h - 12h "Musik Bewegt" rhythmical music lessons for children

at the age of 3!


Museum Quatier, Dschungel, Klosterhof, Studio 1, 1070 Wien (U2, U3)



date: 02.12.2014

For your lovely ones for Christmas 

Joy and Happyness with music lessons!



date: 30.11.2014

Music and Rhythm Lessons (for children at the age of 4)

Musicschool Schmid Zettelmann

1180 Wien

Kreuzgasse 72 (9er, 42er)


Thursdays at 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

singel lessons: in piano, Pop singing, saxophon, voice-training/moderation


during Christmas Holidays you can book demo lessons!



"Music Moves"


0676 43 309 86


a block of 5, or 10 lessons ( get discount now!)

singel lessons:

piano, Pop singing, saxophon, voice-training/moderation

workshops: (at least 6 persons) Salsa Basic dancing, Chi Breathing and Chi Gong,"transforming dancing" with Sigird Mariel Liesz

Rhythm and Improvisation Dancing (dance musical tasks with the group and as a couples)

date: 09.09.2014

Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Oliver Mochmann in concert


keys & voice meets guitar & flute to chill out!

20.09.2014 "YOUCONNECT 2014" - YOUCON Company Event

location: NORDLICHT

private event!



date: 09.09.2014

Music School St. Andrä Wördern & Music School Vienna Schmid



are open again - pls. look up courses!

"Musicgarden" - at the age of 2,with one part of parents

elementary music, singing,moving,rhythmical exercises,ear training, playing with Percussion Instruments and many more...happyness and fun!

beginn: 18.09.2014

15:30h - 16:30h


Elementary Music class: at the age of 3-5

beginn: 18.09.2014

16:30h - 17:30h

Kreuzgasse 72, 1180 Wien

please register:0664 765 17 79 Mrs.Mag.Neuhardt

date: 11.12.2013

9.12.2013 - Winter Concert Musikschule Schmid Zettelmann

Villa Wertheimstein, 1190 Wien ab 17:30h 

Student present Pop songs and Christmas Songs on piano and voice.

We are looking forward to see you there!


date: 20.09.2013

Today, Tanz-Philosophie Studio, 3400 Klosterneuburg,Weidlingerstrasse 2


Sound Stories and learn how to play with Percussion Instruments with Sigrid for children of the age of 4!

beginn 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

date: 17.09.2013

Radiofabrik 107,5 Sigrid Mariel Liesz "Be real" and "Prayer" now on air!! - Salzburg

107,5 and

93,3 and 98,6 cabel

date: 08.09.2013

School of Music -  Schmid Zettelmann, 1180 Wien, Kreuzgasse 72,

tram station: 42er, 9er, Schnellbahn Gersthof 




"King of bongos"

fun with playing Bongos or Djembe for children

rhythmical training, sing and play, bongo stories, learn to improvise within a

song or story,invent stories including animals...

fun and happyness for your child/your children!

I´m looking forward to have fun with your kids!

Sigrid :)




date: 08.09.2013

Mondays - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

CHI breathing techniques, Hormon Yoga exercises for women!


staying healthy, vital and it´s an natural anti-aging programm!

Tanz-Philosophie Studio, Klosterneuburg

infos "Aktuell"

date: 26.08.2013

Chi Breathing Techniques and Hormon Yoga exercises for women!

right breathing gives you a good feeling, relaxing and refreshing your outlook

and some hormon Yoga exercises gives you a complete naturel antiaging-programm!

Meditation music in the background and a mellow smell in the air from the fragrant oil burner turns the

dancing studio into a wellness oasis for a short time!

more infos look:  "Gesundheit"


I´m looking forward to welcome you there!

sincerely yours

Sigrid Mariel Liesz



date: 24.08.2013

For foto shootings, bodypainting, TV Spots and Castings please contact my

Agency " Model Republic Vienna"

0043-1-58 58 249


date: 20.08.2013

Salsa Basic Dancing Workshop with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

2h fun and happyness, easy choreographie, turns and Salsa basic steps, learn to clap the Clave Rhythm with/or without Percussion Instruments. With Dancing Partner or without possible!

book now!


date: 20.08.2013

CHI Breathing techniques course every Monday-

antiaging and vitalisation programm with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Tanz-Philosophie Studio, Klosterneuburg, Weidlingerstrasse 2

beginn: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




date: 04.05.2013

Workshop -"Dance Formation Expirience" with Sgrid Mariel Liesz at the Dancing Studio -  Tanz-

Philosophie, Klosterneuburg - for women and men, begin: 4:30h pm - 6:00 pm

only with registration:

Sommer Feeling, Happyness and Easyness are guaranted! I´m looking forward seeing you!

Priceper Person: € 25,-






date: 22.04.2013

Singing-Workshop with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

"sing and swing yourself free" and discover your voice potential!

Voicetraining, breathing techniques, Improvisation,

learning to sing easy Pop songs, Jazz Standards

only with registration!!!, 0676-797 80 05

SA, 04.05.2013  10 am - 1 pm

SA, 11.05.2013  10 am - 1 pm 

SA, 25.05.2013  10 am - 1 pm

per Person, per Workshop € 25,-

Location:Musikschule Schmidt - Zettelmann, Kreuzgasse 72 (9er, 42er), Gersthof Schnellbahn, 1180 Wien


date: 20.04.2013

Precaution Parkours Klosterneuburg - 

Dance Formation Experience -with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Mo, 22.04.2013 - Tanz Philosophie Studio, 18:45 - 20:45h, Weidlingerstr2, Saal1


date: 18.04.2013

Precaution Parkour - Klosterneuburg 19.04.2013 - 26.04.2013


Workshop "breathing techniques" with Sigrid M. Liesz

we breathe life and life breathes us, conscoiusness, attentiveness, breathing stress away and get refreshed,put kindness to your breath, feeling young!

date: 20.03.2013

FR, 29.04.2013 Late Night Eastershopping - Boutique Black & Blue - 

Währingerstr.141, 1180 Wien


Live Music: Sigrid M. Liesz on keyboard and voice

Small surprises and delicious snacks wait for you!

With fun and happy feelings into the easter holidays,

we are looking forward to see you!


Black & Blue Team and Sigrid M. Liesz

date: 14.03.2013

Workshop, Sa, 16.03.2013 - Dance-Formation Experience with Sigrid M. Liesz

Tanz Philosophie Studio, Weidlingerstr.2,(train station Weidling) Klosterneuburg

beginn: 11:30h am - 1:30h pm

adults only!

date: 19.02.2013

New music courses for children!



for children age of 2 together with mum or daddy

singing, rhythmical training with clapping, stumping, playing percussion instruments and bongos, movement, eartraining with the piano, music plays, sound stories and so on...

Thursdays from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Musikschule Schmid Zettelmann, Kreuzgasse 72, 1180 Wien

(tramstation 9, 42)



"Music-rhythmical Training" for the age of 3 - 5 

Thursdays from 4:30h - 5:30h

singing classical children songs, rhythmical training, voice training, movement, music and sound journeys, music tasks, music theory and so on.


Musikschule Schmid Zettelmann, Kreuzgasse 72, 1180 Wien (tramstation 9, 42)


I´m looking very much forward to make music with your child/your children :-)

yours, Sigrid M. Liesz




date: 06.02.2013

date: 20.11.2012

Party on Friday 23.11.2012 in Boutique Black & Blue!!!


with Live Music on Keys and Voice Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Beginn: 7 pm

Währingerstr 121

1180 Wien

"come and party and have a good time!":)

ce U soon, Sigrid

date: 20.11.2012

Pop CD "be real" on Air now:

date: 08.11.2012

Friday 9.November 2012  - CD "be real" on AIR! - Radio Arabella 92,9


Sigrid Mariel Liesz by Joey Fellner "Hitnachmittag" on Radio Arabella 92,9

Beginn: at 1 pm

stay tuned!


date: 22.10.2012

Opening 3.November 2012 Dance Philosophy Studio in Klosterneuburg!

voice teaching for children and adults, singing lessons, learn how to play with percussion instruments and sound stories for the little ones and many more...

Im looking forward to work with your child and you !

best regards, Sigrid

date: 19.10.2012

Concert -7.12.2012 Vinothek "Styria Heaven" 3340 Waidhofen Ybbs

Trio, with Sigrid Mariel Liesz (keyboard & voice) & Gerd Henkel (guitar)

Peter Schlögelhofer (Contrabass) "music and delicious food for a romantic dinner for 2" 

come and chill out with Bossa Novas,  Ballades, Jazz Standards and own compositions!

Beginn: 7 pm

Price per person: € 30,-




date: 01.10.2012


3:30pm - 4:30pm for 2 years old children with their moterh or father

sound stories, clap and stup your feet and feel the beat

playing bongos and percussion instruments and 



4:30 - 5:30 pm rhythmical education for 4 - 6 years old children

singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments

ear training, improvising with the voice and instruments


Musikschule Schmid Zettelmann, Kreuzgasse 72, 1180 Wien (9 and 42 tramway station)



date: 11.09.2012

Rhythmical Education - "Music Moves" - with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

for Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School Kids at the American International School in Vienna now!

date: 31.08.2012

Holiday EnglishCamp - "ferien4kids" in Klosterneuburg


from 27.08.2012 to  31.08.2012

learning to speak English fluently, dialogues, scenes, talk shows, games ect.

with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

I am looking forward to see you there! :)

date: 09.08.2012

10.08.2012  Snowwhite Musical -  Kellertheater Klosterneuburg


Kids from the holiday camp show their talent!

Isabel Meili (CH) stage-direction, script, choreography

Sigrid Mariel Liesz (AUT) Voice Coaching

Beginn: 3 pm

We are looking forward to see you there!

date: 24.07.2012

Saturday Evening 21.07 2012 - meeting Nina Hagen, backstage, Tulln/open air Concert

thank you for the wonderful evening, Nina! :) we love U!


date: 24.07.2012

Registration for the Musical "Snowwhite" - Camp - Happy Land / Klosterneuburg

06.08.2012 - 10.08.2012

Monday - Fraiday from 9 am - 4 pm - with Lunchtime

Event: Fr 3 pm Theaterkeller Klosterneuburg

Isabel Meili (CH) stage-direction, script

Sigrid Liesz (AUT) Voice Coaching

we are looking forward to see you!

date: 12.07.2012

Today!!! 12.07.2012 SUNSPLASH PARTY in Boutique Black & Blue,

Währing Vienna, with live music for chilling out!


Live on Keyboard and Voice: Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Late Night shopping, colourful sommer outfits and low prices, Coctails and snacks come and meet nice people

Beginn 5 pm 

Live music: 6:30 pm 

Come and enter the elegant evening atmosphere in the shopping street of Währing...

Sigrid and the Black & Blue Team are looking forward to meet you there!


Währingerstrasse 121, 1180 Wien (41er)




date: 06.07.2012

Ferien4Kids present: Musical week for kids from 9 - 14 years

Musical "Snowwhite" with Isabel Meili & Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Musical "Snowwhite" -

Fr 13.07.2012 Event in Theaterkeller/Klosterneuburg

Mo - Fr from 9am - 5pm training

Isabel Meili (CH) Regie, Arrangement

Sigrid Mariel Liesz (AUT) Voice Coaching


date: 12.06.2012

14.07.2012 , 2 pm  Concert for a Wedding

with Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Gerd Henkel

Duettprogramm:keyboard,vocals and guitar

for a Church Wedding, Church Rodaun, 23 district, Vienna

sorry, privat event!



date: 30.05.2012

Kindergarten Events by

Sigrid Mariel Liesz


Kindergarten-events  - kids in motion events

Mo 04.06 - Kiga 21, 9:30h - 10:30h Vienna

Do 14.06. - Hort 21, 14:00h - 16:00 h Vienna

Mo 04.06 - Hort 21, 14:00h - 15:30h Vienna

Fr 15.06. - Kiga 21, 15:00h - 16:30h Vienna

Mo 18.06 - Hort 21, 14 - 15:30h Wien

Di 19.06. - Hort 20, 14:00h - 16:00h Wien

Do 21.06. - Kiga 21, 9:30h - 11:30h Wien

Sa 23.06 - Kathkids 19, 16:00h - 17:00h Wien

Mo 25.06 Kiga 1100,  9:30 - 11:30h Wien

Di 26.06 - Hort 20, 15:30 - 16:30h Wien

Mi 27.06. - Kiga, 10:00h - 12:00h Wien

Di 03.07. - Kiga 20 9:30 - 10:30h Wien





date: 09.05.2012

16.MAI 2012 WORKSHOP Salsa Cubana Basic with Sigrid M. Liesz & late night shopping in boutique Black & Blue

Beginn: 19:30h ( 7:30 pm)

Coctails & Party 

Bailamos Salsa y hasta luego!

Sigrid & the team are looking very much forward to see you there and have a nice evening together!:-)



date: 09.05.2012

13.April Live Concert in Center "Horizont" - Eva´s 50th Birthday Party, 1130 Vienna

Sigrid Mariel Liesz Voice and Keys & Ralf Starlinger guitar

Beginn: 19h

only privat!

date: 20.03.2012

Friday 23.03.2012  Workshop -Salsa Basic, Rhythmical training & Salsa Buffet -  Cafe Epicur


Workshop with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Beginn:7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Basic Level, steps for Solo-Dancers

Cafe Epicur, Rathausgasse 8

3420 Klosterneuburg

Price: € 24,- inkl.Buffet per Person

I´m looking forward to an enjoyable, entertaining evening with you!


..a delicious Salsa Buffet is waiting for you!

cooked by Dorly Kapeller


Bailamos Salsa!

Hasta luego, Sigrid :-)






date: 31.01.2012

10.02.2012 Rhythmical Trainig & Salsa Basic Danceworkshop with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

Location:  Dr Ewa Siejeka

Dornbacherstrasse 1, 1170 Wien

We practice rhythm and Salsa Basic Steps

Beginn: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Price: inkl.Salsa Snacks and Drink per Person: € 25,- 


0676-797 80 05

Im looking forward to a very happy and entertaining evening!

Bailamos Salsa! hasta luego! :-) Sigrid

date: 16.01.2012

date: 25.12.2011

21.01.2012   Rhythm and Salsa Basic Dance Workshop 2 & Salsa Buffet



Cafe Epicur



Beginn: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

90 minutes

including Salsa Dinner afterwards!

€ 22,- per Person

please inform us if you come to the workshop

per or 0676-7978005

Im looking very much forward to have a nice evening with you!


date: 25.12.2011

A very Merry Christmas and a happy brightful New Year 2012!


for all of you from


Sigrid Mariel Liesz

date: 13.12.2011

16.12.2011 - Rhythmik & Salsa Basic Dance

"dance your stress away" X-Mas is comming anyway

Dornbacherstrasse 1 - 1170 Vienna

Ordination:Dr Siejeka

Beginn: 7:30h

90Min. € 25,- per Person

drinks & snacks included



Im looking forward to have a nice evening with you!




date: 13.12.2011

Winter-Concert  - School of Music Vienna - Mag Neuhardt.


Villa Wertheimstein, Döblingerhauptstr.96

1190 Döbling

Begin: 5:30h

Opening: Bossa Nova & Pop with Sigrid M. Liesz

Isabella Siejka

Classical singing, Guitarre class, Piano..



date: 09.12.2011

7.12.2011 - Opening : Piquadro Corner (ital.Designer) in Boutique Black & Blue

Beginn 4 pm

20%off designer bags and outfits

Live Music and buffet

7pm:live  Bossa Novas and funky beats with Sigrid Liesz


date: 19.10.2011

19. November 2011 - Workshop - Rhythmical training, Salsa basic with Salsa Dinner!

When the November evenings are getting crunchingly cold we will return the summerfeeling with Rhythm, Salsadance and a delicious hot Salsa Dinner!

Location:Cafe Epicur        

Rathausplatz 8        

3400 Klosterneuburg

Beginn: 7 pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Price incl.Dinner: € 22,- per Person (only cash!)

Comfortable clothes!


0676-797 80 05

Rhythmical training

"space - time - force - form"

movement, voice, singing and speaking nonsens syllables
claping rhythmical motives, bodypercussion, awnsering musical questiones together and with the group,a poem expressed in movement.

Rhythmical Training for sense of place, body awareness, social competence, let you be more spontanous in life, finding out your talents, let you be more creativ and is full of fun and happyness! 

The main topic of this workshop will be movement and so I will show you how to dance Salsa with an easy turning , only for beginners!

After my workshop I invite you to have a delicious Salsa Dinner (cooked by Dorly) together and a comfortably chat away.

I am looking forward to see you, untill soon!




date: 08.10.2011

4. November 2011, boutique "Black & Blue" invites you!

Elina´s Vernissage, Designer Ayo Elisabeth presents her own collection, buffet and chill out music with Sigrid Mariel Liesz

 20% Discount for cash paying 

"Black and Blue" Boutique

Währingerstr. 121, 1180 Wien

chill out and relax with soft beats and melody moments

with Sigrid M. Liesz (keyboard and voice)

project director: Lucia Liesz

Beginn:4 pm

Concert: 7 pm

date: 23.08.2011

09.09.2011 - Concert with Sigrid Liesz & Band

Chill out Night with Bossa Nova & a funky breeze!

Cafe Epicur

Rathausplatz 8

3400 Klosterneuburg

Beginn: 8 pm

date: 11.08.2011

Kiddyworkshop - Music Moves - show your talent!


Donaurestaurant - in Kritzendorf - http://www.donaurestaurant

Fr., 19.08.2011 - 11h  - 12h

Workshop for Children at the age of 3

singing, dancing, and playing with Percussion Instruments and Materials

(balls, cloths, ect.). Bodypercussion.

We work in groups.

 Our creative process develops personality, body awareness, communication, and social skills.
"Music moves" brings out individual creativity and a lot of Fun & Joy!

"I´m looking forward to see you!"


parents are responsible for their children!

date: 11.08.2011

Piano and Voice meets Guitar for chill out!

20.08.2011 Concert with Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Ralf Starlinger

Donaurestaurant - Kritzendorf

Beginn: 18h - 19h


The programme is full of songs with soft beats, rhythmic patterns and melodies. It includes Pop-Jazz Standards and most of it, Sigrid´s own compositions with Bossa Nova grooves, Salsa patterns, Ballades and songs flavoured with a brise of Funkyness. Sigrid Mariel Liesz plays piano/keyboard and sings and Ralf Starlinger plays the acoustic guitar. Come for a visit to our World of Music and it will be for sure an unforgetable evening with a happy groovy good time!

date: 04.04.2011

27.05.2011 - Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Band in concert featuring Newcomer from Vienna!

Begin: 21h (9 pm)

UKB(student price): € 5,-

Kulturraum Neruda

Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Band ´s programme is full of songs with soft beats, rhythmic patterns and melodies. It includes Pop-Coversongs and most of it Sigrid´s own compositions with Bossa Nova grooves, Salsa patterns, Ballades and songs favoured with a brise of Funkyness. Sigrid Mariel Liesz plays piano/keyboard and sings and she is accompanied by sax/flute, guitar,bass and drums. This Band seduces you into Sigrid`s World of Music and it will be for sure an unforgetable evening with a happy groovy good time!After a short set we will welcome on stage joung talented musicians who will perform 1 - 2 songs each with a lot of swing, pop and pep!We are looking forward to see you there and have a great evening together!


date: 04.02.2011

Sigrid Mariel & Band


We are at work! Sigrid´s debut CD coming out soon!

date: 14.05.2015

24.05,2015  MQ, Dschungel Wien, "Musik Bewegt" Demo lesson


So 10h - 11h for 3 - 6 year old kids

singing - dancing - playing Bongos


price for admission look up info desk there!

MQ,Dschungel Wien, Klosterhof, Studio 1


date: 04.02.2011

Open air -Kindergarden "center 9"


Fun and Happyness with the group of music moves

June 15, 2010
Start: 4 pm
1090 Wien

date: 04.02.2011

Musik Bewegt goes Salsa & Bachata Dancing!


Workshops comming soon!


date: 04.02.2011

Sigrid Mariel Liesz & Band


concert - 8.May 2010 -Neruda-Cultur & Music Vienna

date: 04.02.2011

Workshop Rhythm & Music-Interpretation of Salsa for Dancers


guided by prof. dancetrainer Blaga (Bulgaria) and Sigrid Liesz (Music Moves)

sigrid blaga

Do: 11.03.2010 - Beginn: 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Price: € 15,-per Person
at:Latte Grande Cafe Vienna -let´s have a nice dinner together, afterwards.
improve your feeling for the rhythm on "1"
body coordination
improve and remember the rhythmic patterns
Clave - hear and know how to clap them
finding your own interpretation for the musical accents in Salsa music
dancing single and in pairs

Previous knowledge:Salsa basic !
Bailamos salsa en Latte Grande!

date: 04.02.2011

"Music Moves" - "Health Day" in Vienna Business School

fitness gesundheit

"health is consciousness" - "do something good for your body and your soul
is happy to live within"

Workshop:Rhythmical training
Start: 10 - 11h am


date: 04.02.2011

Rhythmical Training for Kids (age:8 - 10)


start: 11.02.2010
4:30 - 5:30 pm
School of Music


Sigrid Mariel Liesz